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The new headquarters of the Kostner Group in Vahrn/South Tyrol is in the middle of an industrial estate between the dual carriageway and the motorway. 体系结构代表了这种情况下的对应点. A green oasis was created, which more than fulfilled the high ecological and social responsibility demands of the builder. The new office building provides the people who work here with an optimum environment: clean air, 宁静和灵活的房间结构.

Berlin architects Partner und Partner designed a building with an active climate in a cube shape. 这座五层建筑的外墙由实木制成, 它能吸附500吨二氧化碳, 是否有控制炭化的耐候性钢板, 这是一种古老的日本木材保存技术的复兴. The building withstands the extreme external influences with a topping consisting of green plants: This provides cooling, 既能防晒,又能过滤微细粉尘.

可持续发展的方法在室内得到了延续. 大量可见的表面显示了建筑材料木材的重要性. 壤土渲染和干地坪也提供了一个健康的室内气候. The fact that the opaque door elements were produced from the offcuts of the cross-laminated timber walls is evidence of the conscious use of the raw materials. The flexible layout structure makes easy and reversible adaptation to changes with regard to the way of working, 空间的使用和劳动力的增加.


罗兰·朱利安尼(Roland Giuliani)在这一发展中发挥了重要作用. “As far as I am concerned, 我总是想把自己从标准中区分出来。”, explains the bustling and creatively planning craftsman and furnishing consultant from Brixen, who has been working as an independent consultant since 2009 and established the “Plan Fuenf” (“Plan Five”) company in 2015. 对他来说,特殊要求更多的是一种挑战,而不是威慑, according to Giuliani.

A special situation such as this arose in the reception area of the Kostner Group’s new office building: The entrance takes you into a two-story open foyer with a central atrium as a meeting area with intersecting staircases. 这里有相当多的公共交通, and the employees need to be able to communicate with each other across the floors – all accompanied by an appropriate amount of background noise.

然而,在接待台的后面就有办公室. 大气一直在变化. On the one hand, 员工需要与入口和楼梯有视觉上的接触, 并准备好与访客和同事交流. On the other hand, they need to be able to concentrate on their work in a relaxed atmosphere. If necessary, it must therefore be possible to block themselves off from the noise in the atrium and protect themselves from the drafts which blow in via the sliding doors in reception, 特别是在冬天.

给罗兰·朱利安尼和弗莱恩菲尔德布鲁纳细木工的工匠, it was a case of creating transparent and tightly sealing door elements in accordance with the architect’s specifications and the requirements of the builder which could be flexibly opened and closed without getting in the way in the confined spaces, 或者占用额外的空间. 朱利安尼解释说:“我们的意图一直是通过滑动门来实现这一点。. “However, I had my doubts about whether it was actually possible to achieve the acoustic effectiveness that the customer wanted using a sliding hardware.”


在寻找解决办法的路上, 朱利安尼不满足于坚持标准是有益的. 当他联系马蒂亚斯Tröbinger, the Area Sales Manager for South Tyrol and Austria West at Swiss Hawa Sliding Solutions AG, he discovered that a new sliding hardware was waiting in the wings which significantly reduces the background noise from room to room when the door is closed and also keeps out unwanted odors and drafts thanks to having an optimized, all-round seal.

“The customer is basically very open to trying out new things,” says Tröbinger about Giuliani. “We always keep in contact when we come up with something new or when Roland is confronted with special requirements. 当我们使用新的“Hawa Junior 100b Acoustics”时, we clearly benefited from a leap of faith that Roland Giuliani gave us on the basis of our many years of collaboration.” In the end, the planner's proposal was also well received by the architect’s office and the customer.

Individual design & effortless installation

As a result, two heavy sliding doors weighing about 100 kg emerged as a front-wall solution. 50毫米厚的木框架结构,镶板由VSG 6-0制成.76-6 glass with sound attenuation blends into the design of the glass partition wall system with the RAL 7021 surface, 并将黑色立面设计转移到室内. 它实现了房间到房间的声音衰减约为Rw 39 dB.

Roland Giuliani, who took the plunge of using the new hardware without any experience-based knowledge thereof, 再一次感觉他做出了正确的决定:“我知道夏威夷有什么能力, 并欣赏公司的可靠性. 这又是一个没有让我失望的场合.“夏威夷初级声学”也可以做到这一点, 因为它使单独的门结构成为可能.

Peter Fichter and his co-workers from the Brunner joinery worked out the sliding doors with sound attenuation in detail in accordance with the specifications, 进行了规划,然后将它们安装在建筑物中. “安装不是问题”,他这样描述自己的经历. “We were able to manufacture, install and adjust the doors easily using the enclosed instructions.”


结果也给建造者留下了深刻的印象, who involved the entire team in the interactive planning process right from the start. Mike Kostner, one of the builders, 歌颂罗兰·朱利安尼的作品“始终如一的高质量”. He says that the sliding doors in the reception area were predestined for this application. 它们可以以一种节省空间的方式打开,并且旅行路线保持清晰.

门也有一个非常吸引人的视觉和引人注目的设计. 这项技术仍然是隐藏的. 这些门通常也具有显著的隔音效果, 尤其是那两个滑动门, says Kostner. “When the door is closed, you can actually no longer hear what is being said in the adjacent room.”

“Hawa Acoustics”

与“Hawa Junior Acoustics”和“Hawa Porta Acoustics”合作, 哈瓦滑动解决方案公司开发了两种优化的滑动硬件系统, all-round sealing. They ensure that the noise situation from room to room is noticeably reduced when the door is closed, “夏威夷初级声学”甚至可以降低41分贝。. This effect, 到目前为止,人们大多认为只有使用铰链门才能实现, predestines the systems for numerous applications in which space-saving also plays a part.

The “Hawa Acoustics” systems move doors weighing up to 100 kilograms easily and quietly with their sliding characteristics and the force deflection of the horizontal seal. “Hawa Junior Acoustics” and “Hawa Porta Acoustics” can both be implemented as a wall-mounted or pocket solution with identical sets, 从地板到天花板的滑动门也是如此. 即使在施工完成后,制造商也可以安装门, 并随时调整它们.

The “Hawa Junior 100 B” which was used in Vahrn is designed for passage dimensions of 1.25 m wide and 2.50 m high. It has ball bearing-mounted running gears which provide quiet and comfortable sliding. 门在关闭的最后几厘米处被刹车. 然后水平密封通过斜坡释放. 底部的硅胶密封也可以弥补不均匀. 垂直密封附在门扇上,并运行到框架或轮廓上.


Builder: Kostner GmbH
建筑师:Partner und Partner Architects,柏林
扩展部分(所有办公室隔墙), 移动式隔音隔墙, 两个滑动门):罗兰·朱利安尼(Roland Giuliani), Plan Fuenf, Brixen
Supporting structure, 技术建筑规划, fire protection, 可持续建筑的证明, 建筑监理:Bergmeister Ingenieure, Vahrn/Italy
声音衰减:TAC -技术声学,格林文布罗希
Completion: 2022
GFS: 1,360 sqm

照片:Oliver Jaist Photography, Vahrn